Club By Laws

  1. Social Members shall not play in Club Competitions, but may play on the course on payment of the applicable fee at times set by the Committee.
  2. Absentee members shall not play in Club Competitions whilst holding this category of Membership. An Absentee member playing the course does so as a green fee player having paid the applicable fee.
  3. A member may introduce visitors to the privileges of the Club House or course, but the same visitor may not be introduced more than seven times in one year. A visitor playing the course shall pay the applicable green fee.
  4. No member shall abuse, insult or in any way interfere with an employee of the Club whilst such employee is carrying out his or her duties in accordance with the terms of their employment.
  5. A member may invite a guest on guest days. Such guests shall pay the applicable competition fee. On invitation days members must obtain permission of the President or Captain to bring a guest.
  6. Members and visitors shall conform to dress regulations as laid down by the Committee.
  7. Whilst playing on the course, a member shall not throw a club or anyway wilfully inflict damage to any property of the Club. Penalty for a breach of this rule shall be determined by the Committee.
  8. All Players must have slicks or wide wheels on their buggies.
  9. Players with motorised golf vehicles must have permission from the Committee to drive them on the course.
  10. Any Member who is required to resign by the Committee in accordance with the Club Rules shall not be entitled to be introduced into the Clubhouse as a guest and shall not be entitled to the privileges of the Clubhouse at any time.